Searching for Home

Searching for Home: John McKee

Vietnam Veteran John McKee, ‘67-’68  served as a rifle platoon leader. John was overloaded by constant trauma including the death of a close friend resulting in a ten day “blackout.” He came home to a lonely welcome a “changed man.” Over thirty years later he found his “welcome home,” healing and the love of his life on the “Run for The Wall,” a motorcycle pilgrimage from the west coast to the “Wall” in Washington DC. 


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Searching for Home

This documentary is an emotional and unflinching look at returning veterans and their search for the “home” they left behind –- physically, mentally and spiritually. From World War II, Korea and Vietnam to modern-day conflicts, Searching for Home is a multigenerational documentary that honors the men and women who have left “home,” only to return to new and difficult challenges as profoundly-changed people.

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