Sami Yaffa in Colombia | Sound Tracker (featured)
S3 E1: Colombia


The third season of "Sound Tracker" begins with Sami Yaffa learning about music's influence on Colombia, moving beyond the decades of civil war, kidnappings and violence that have earned the country its reputation. This episode features artists such as politically charged Doctor Krapula, which has been denouncing corruption for the past 18 years. Although electronic music might be the last thing you'd expect coming out of a place like this, you'll also see Ghetto Kumbe, a group reaching international success by developing a sound that combines traditional African roots with Colombian rhythms.

Other artists and performances featured in this episode: Toco Cantar, Tribu Baharu's fun champeta party music; a group of cowboys called grupo Cimarron; Ceferina Banquez's songs about Afro-Colombian farmers killed and displaced from the countryside; Pura Sangre's music passing along their African ancestors' culture; and the party music igniting the street party called El Carnaval del Diablo, the antithesis of religious monopoly.

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