Meet the Comics: Nate Bargatze

The son of a clown/magician, Nate Bargatze is an up-and-coming comedian awash in praise from tastemakers like Jim Gaffigan and Marc Maron, who called him “a comic who should be big.” His new album, Yelled at By a Clown, charted on Billboard, and his TV credits are robust, having appeared on Conan, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and Comedy Central Presents. Nate’s droll affect compliments his slow-boiling personal narratives about fatherhood, friendship and being maced in the eyes by blind people. Although the only foreign countries he learned about growing up in Tennessee were “the states that touched us, in case they attacked,” his horizons have since expanded.

Cutting a baby’s fingernails is the closest I will ever come to defusing a bomb.
Nate Bargatze

Q&A with Nate

What was your worst-ever heckle?

Someone yelled at me to get a joke coach.

What’s your least-favorite comedy cliche?

That we need the audience’s help. We do not.

Top three comedians, alive or dead?

Jerry Seinfeld, Brian Regan, Bill Burr

Learn more about Nate by visiting his homepage,

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