Diana Valentine talks about leaning in for a special New Year’s kiss on "Stories from the Stage: Holiday Surprise."

Holiday Surprise

Holidays happen every year but always bring an element of surprise. Lani Peterson's Thanksgiving cooking mistake becomes a family secret; Phil Wyman calls out the monks to break up a street fight between witches and preachers during Halloween; Diana Valentine leans in for a special New Year's kiss.

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Make It Or Break It

Michele Carlo turns lemons into lemonade when she's busted moonlighting during an internship; Matthew Sablan spins a nightmare date into a life lesson; power lifter Mikelina Belaineh "Googles" her way to combining two seemingly impossible worlds.

School Days: Teacher Tales

Ben Cunningham works to transform preschool girls into dragon-slaying warrior princesses. Donna Galluza finishes the school year with Sister Maria's help. Crystal Williams climbs the ladder of higher education, aided by some secret admirers.

School Days: Student Tales

Cecelia Viverios battles a baffling learning disability. Anna Kamens reluctantly welcomes a fourth-grade newcomer who struggles socially. Furquann Syed, teased for his name and Muslim heritage, finds that violent solutions have a down side.

Last Dance

Sandi Marx narrowly misses being cast for Broadway's A Chorus Line; choreographer Mark Lamb returns to his small Kentucky town and has an extraordinary reunion; and Jean Appolon dances his way out of a death sentence in Haiti.

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Rodrigue Kalambayi seeks asylum from political violence in the Congo; Korean-American Eson Kim is held at gunpoint in her family's hardware store in New York; and Christine Gentry donates a kidney to a complete stranger. Wes Hazard hosts.

"Stories from the Stage” is provided through a content partnership between Link TV and the WORLD Channel.

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