Aerial view of a traditional Tongva canoe launching into the ocean. | Still from "Tending Nature"

Potawot Health Center: A Holistic Approach of Healing

The Potawot Health Village at United Indian Health Services serves as a comprehensive place of healing with Western doctors, a Native medicine man, a sweat lodge and a community garden. The organization was founded by a group of women in 1970 due to concern that Native women weren't receiving adequate prenatal care. When the land for UIHS's current location was purchased, the board struck a deal with the city of Arcata that 20 acres would be used for the health center, while the remaining 20 acres would be brought back to a natural state. This natural state has become a place where people can take nature walks, where they have a chance to grow healthy foods and where people can tap the "pharmacy of the world." By focusing on a holistic and traditional approach to healing the mind, body and soul, the center uses nature to give Indigenous people control of their own health care.

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Rethinking The Coast with the Ti'at Society

Climate change and urban development have significantly altered ocean conditions and our ability to access the coast, making it more and more difficult for the Tongva tribe to carry on their long-held seafaring traditions. Today, members of the Tongva, Chumash and Acjachemen are rebuilding their connection with the ocean and the Channel Islands by rebuilding a Ti’at, a traditional Tongva canoe.