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Amy Chua - Political Tribes

Amy Chua, best-selling author of Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother, provides a cautionary critique of political tribalism in her characteristically sharp style.

Yascha Mounk - People Versus Democracy

Drawing on vivid stories and original research, Yascha Mounk identifies three key drivers of voters’ discontent: stagnating living standards, fears of multiethnic democracy and the rise of social media. To avoid giving up on either individual rights or the popular will, Mounk believes politicians need to enact reforms that benefit the many, not just the few.

Robert Reich - Fighting for the Common Good

Robert Reich is one of the most beloved and influential voices in progressive politics today. In his new book, The Common Good, the former Secretary of Labor, and professor of Public Policy at U.C. Berkeley contends that America has trapped itself in a vicious cycle of whatever it takes that has left us more divided than ever.