Reem Assil (center) preparing her red pepper with staff at Dyafa. | Jim Sullivan

Preview Ep. 5, Banchan: Korean Food Beyond BBQ

While Korean BBQ may get all the attention, restaurant owner Yong Won Jun says that there’s so much more to his culture’s cuisine. For 22 years, loyal diners have been flocking to the beloved Jun Won in Koreatown for a taste of their specialty: braised marinated black cod, with flavorful juices soaking into the daikon radish slices it sits upon. Unifying the fish is the restaurant’s sought-after spread of seasonal banchan (traditional Korean side dishes) that accompany it.

In this episode, the Jun family describes their highs and lows of immigrating to a new country, the resilience of their people, and the sacrifices they’ve had to make in order to survive. In the midst of success, the family has been faced with another challenge as a real estate deal is now forcing them out of the restaurant they’ve called home since 1994. But even in the darkest of times, their strength gives them hope and the will to start over again.

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