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Episode 0

Biomimicry is the practice of looking deeply into nature for solutions to engineering, design and other challenges in creating a long-term, sustainable world. In this episode of "This Planet:" 

  • "Biomimicry" features science writer Janine Benyus, showing how mimicking nature solves some of our most pressing problems, from reducing carbon emissions to saving water. Then watch two short videos about applications of the biomimicy principles. 
  • “Cockroach Robots To The Rescue!" demonstrates what happens when a tiny robot is taught to move like a cockroach.
  • "Lotus 7.0" explores a work of art that mimics nature, by Dutch artist Dan Roosegaarde.

“Biomimicry” was directed by Leila Conners, produced by Mathew Schmid and Bryony Schwan, with executive producers Roee Sharon Peled and George DiCaprio and sponsored by Leonardo DiCaprio via Tree Media. “Cockroach Robots To The Rescue!” was produced by Roxanne Makasdjian and Stephen McNally, UC Berkeley Poly-PEDAL Lab.  "Lotus 7.0” was produced by

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