Towards the Human City

An Old Brazilian Building Becomes Center of Creativity

Vila Flores was created in 2013 to promote the revitalization of cultural heritage in the city of Porto Alegre, Brazil, through cultural activities and the creation of a work space for artists and creative entrepreneurs. This multidisciplinary space was developed to foster an artistic and creative community that energizes the neighborhood and connects citizens to each other. 

Vila Flores is home to several artists and professionals from creative industries who generate revenue for the cultural center by renting space to work there. Through more than 100 activities, including  theatre, music, exhibitions, debates, and entrepreneurship workshops, Vila Flores has become the meeting point for all the stages of the workflow: creation, production, prototyping, selling, and consumption. Vila Flores has been successful at fulfilling the demands of Porto Alegre citizens who were crying out for a cultural and creative center in the district of La Floresta.

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