Towards the Human City

Cidades Sem Fome: Portuguese for Cities Without Hunger

With more than 12 million people living within the city of São Paulo, and its sprawling suburbs bringing the total population to more than 21 million, the metropolis is shaped by social, infrastructural, and economic inequality. The United Nations Human Development Index shows the sharp contrast among different areas of the city. For example, while the south of the city scores 0.927 on the index, which measures income, education, and life expectancy, the east has a score of 0.478. It is in this particularly vulnerable area of the city, where Cities Without Hunger decided to base its programs.

Cities Without Hunger is a non-governmental organization based in the city of São Paulo, Brazil that runs four kinds of "help-to-self-help"-projects. These school gardens, agricultural greenhouses, small family farms, and community gardens generate job opportunities, income, and food security for project participants and their neighborhoods. 

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