Towards the Human City

100 En Un Dia: Showing Urban Dwellers They're Co-Creators Of Their Own City

100En1Día is a project for citizens to make their dreams come true through urban actions during the course of one day. Started in Bogota in 2012, the project leaders aimed to show average citizens their power to transform their city through urban actions, even if on a small scale. The initiative’s final goal is to show urban dwellers that they shouldn’t wait until their problems are solved, as they are also co-creators, co-participants, and responsible for their own city. They are the city.

100En1Día has been a generator of new urban movements and inspired citizen initiatives in their capacity to promote urban transformation at a local level. Nowadays, it has been replicated in 13 countries and almost 30 cities. It has more than 60,000 participants around the world.

Since its creation, it has hosted 4,000 interventions throughout South and Central America, Europe, Canada, and South Africa. Every day, more and more citizens join the initiative and take to the streets of their cities to claim their rights through imaginative, peaceful, and creative actions that bring the change towards a more human city.

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