Towards the Human City

Waste Management Coalition in Bandung, Indonesia

The initiative "Forum Bandung Juara Bebas Sampah" was born when current Bandung mayor, Ridwan Kamil, won the election. His victory marked the end of a 10-year era of conflict between environmentalists and the Bandung government, during which 3R movements (reduce, reuse, and recycle) were suppressed. 

A group of friends organized a meeting and brought together many friends from the waste management sector, many of whom knew each other for a long time through work and alumni groups. The meeting’s attendees agreed that, after a difficult period during the previous mayor’s era, it was time to collaborate on bringing their home city of Bandung to achieve waste management excellence. Their vision was for Bandung to become a waste management model for Indonesia. They wanted to collaborate on creating a good place for their children and grandchildren to grow. 

Today, this forum has created cross-border connections among parties that rarely worked together before, including NGOs, governments, journalists, and the private sector.

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