Altair Guimarães

British "Funny Woman" Laughs Off Stereotypes

Stand-up comedy has traditionally been perceived as a male dominated arena, but if you attend an open mic night in London this weekend, you're more likely to find a fairly even gender balance on the bill as more women take center stage. But while more women are entering the profession, many female comedians still report hearing the line "Women aren't funny" at comedy clubs. In this short film we follow stand-up comedian Elf Lyons who was 22 when this film was made. When Elf decided to become a comedian, she encountered some raised eyebrows, but with the encouragement of her parents she is carrying on her dream. Elf says she doesn't encounter much blatant sexism in her comedy circuit, "I don't know if I deal with anything different than boys in comedy," but says it does irk her when she hears comments even from fellow women such as, "we never find women funny but we found you really funny." She would like to see more female comedians in mainstream comedy in movies and television in the UK to echo the larger amount of mainstream female comedians in the United States in entertainment. Elf encourages women and men to go to a comedy show and explore different comedians regardless of gender - she believes you just may find someone who will make you LOL.


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Women's Work

Women from all over the world are trailblazing through gender barriers in difficult and often dangerous environments. They are defying cultural norms and finding ways to pursue their dreams and change their future. The women featured in this episode are giving a new meaning to the term “women’s work.”

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