Altair Guimarães

Migrant Voices: The New Face of Italian News

Kilap Gueye and Latif Yakoubou arrived in Sardinia at two very different moments in history. Their paths crossed in 2016, when they joined the Nois project. 

"Nois," from the Sardinian word "us," is the first video news show in Italy to be developed by migrants, and one of the few multimedia experiments of its kind seen in Europe. "Nois" is a news program set up by the theatre co-op Sardegna Teatro / Eja TV. Eight reporters, all from different backgrounds provide info for new arrivals to Italy. "Nois" is the first Italian news service by and for immigrants to Italy and surrounding areas.

"I think it is important to show, to make people understand, the everyday life of the migrants," Gueye says.

The show is a platform for other migrants to tell their stories and to promote understanding and put a human face on the migration crisis in Europe.

"Nowadays people don't really check facts or the rumors they hear, so they tend to take it out on the immigrants," says Gueye. "A project like 'Nois' is a revolution."


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Background image: Feryal Aldahash looks down on her third daughter Valgerour Halla at their home in Reykjavik, Iceland. January 8 2017. | Thomson Reuters Foundation/Filippo Brachetti