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Mr & Ms Albinism

Albinos across Africa face discrimination and in some cases, death. In some countries, witch doctors are willing to pay as much as $75,000 for a full set of albino limbs for use in black magic. To fight stigma and persecution, the Albinism Society of Kenya organised the world’s first albinism beauty contest.

In the week leading up to the competition, we follow three young Kenyan contestants as they step into the spotlight. Will it help them prove that there is beauty beyond their skin?


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Women's Work

Women from all over the world are trailblazing through gender barriers in difficult and often dangerous environments. They are defying cultural norms and finding ways to pursue their dreams and change their future. The women featured in this episode are giving a new meaning to the term “women’s work.”

Colombia’s Ghosts of War

The 52-year Colombian civil war is not ending without leaving deep scars. As rebels hand over weapons, an entire generation of Colombians are emerging from the conflict to rebuild their nation. While some are struggling more than others, many citizens are rolling up their sleeves to clear out the ghosts of war.

Life In Refugee Camps

More than a political buzzword, refugees are real people with real fears driving their decisions, and they take great risks to protect their families. A glimpse into the lives of immigrants living in refugee camps reveals their hunger for human rights and an opportunity to start over.