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Teenage Refugee Turns Comic Book Hero

Comic book "Over Under Sideways Down" is the moving story of a young refugee who fled home in fear for his life and went on to secure a place at university and won a part in an award-winning film. It tells the story of Ebrahim Esmail who was exiled from Iran when he was 15 following the murder of his father. The illustrations detail the painful lows of Ebrahim's experiences — from traveling on foot to Turkey with no food or water, to being carried for 15 days in the back of a lorry to the U.K. But it also charts highs, such as winning a place on his dream course at London's Brunel University and being cast in "Leave to Remain" — a film about asylum seekers by BAFTA-winning director Bruce Goodison. Esmail, now 19, tells Thomson Reuters Foundation how he kept going and shares his dreams for the future. The novel was commissioned by the British Red Cross for Refugee Week 2014.


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