We Rohingya

We Rohingya

When Kohinoor—a Muslim Rohingya—fled her home in Myanmar two years ago after a wave of ethnic violence, she hoped for a chance to rebuild her life in a new country. But in India she has found destitution and discrimination. Myanmar passed a law in 1982 which denied the Rohingya citizenship. They are stateless—not recognized as nationals of any country.

Kohinoor now lives with a small Rohingya community on a patch of wasteland in Delhi. In this film she talks about their daily struggle to survive and their dream for a permanent place to call home. There are an estimated 10 million stateless people worldwide.

The Rohingya continue to campaign, along with other world leaders such as Desmond Tutu, to eradicate genocide in their communities and hope to reach an understanding with the Burmese (Myanmar) goverment to end persecution but a resolution is still not in sight at this time and violence against the Rohingya still exists.

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