Altair Guimarães

Worth Dying For?

Berta Cáceres, one of the most well-known land and environmental campaigners in Honduras and around the world, and winner of the International Goldman Prize for the Environment, was brutally murdered in her home in 2016. 

More people in Honduras are killed per capita than anywhere else in the world for defending the land and more than 80 percent of cases go unsolved.

“Worth Dying For?” explores the aftermath of the murder of Berta Caceres and the extraordinary epidemic of death sweeping land rights activists in Honduras. The film includes interviews with the Caceres family, carrying on the legacy of Berta and COPINH; Miriam Miranda, leader of the Black Fraternal Organisation of Honduras (OFRANEH); Juan Jimenez, the head of the new anti-corruption agency MACCIH and the Human Rights Ministry of the Honduran Government.

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Breaking Gender Stereotypes

People all over the world are confronting traditional norms around gender and sexuality that are difficult to break. Despite opposition and discrimination from their communities, these people are armed with the courage to truly be themselves. The small steps people take to assert their role in society, can result in major leaps for future generations.

Storytelling Across the Globe

Virtual reality experiences, comic books, and architectural mapping are all forms of storytelling being used by artists and activists around the world to raise awareness of social problems. From calling out sexual assault in India to documenting war crimes in Gaza, these modes of communication are connecting people to issues across the world.

The Resilience of Children

The future of our communities lies in protecting our most vulnerable yet most resilient members: our children. But often, children are the first victims of war and poverty. Many face horrifying events and live with the trauma for the rest of their lives. Despite this, some children survive these events to become leaders of their communities and voices for peace.

Taboo Health Issues

Many communities around the world see disease and mental illness not as something to be treated, but as something to be feared. As a result, many suffering from curable conditions are stigmatized within their communities. But through education and organizing, some people are challenging these stigmas and addressing previously taboo health issues.

Green at What Price?

In the name of environmental restoration, the Ugandan government is expanding the country’s forest reserves in order to sell into the global carbon credit market. But this program comes at a high human cost as the state is displacing long established villages, forcing people to relocate, and jailing those opposing the program.