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UNTV's news-magazine program puts a spotlight on the world's most underreported stories. Featuring character-driven, human interest stories that reflect some of the most important issues affecting the world and our lives today. The program gives viewers unparalleled access to people and places, bringing you the stories as they unfold over time, long after other news outlets leave. From the child labor situation in Tanzania to the women's struggle in Afghanistan, from the impoverished streets of Somalia to the frontline of the guerilla war in Colombia, 21st Century is there.


Image: Portrait of Charlotte Le Grix de La Salle, French anchorwoman of UNTV’s “21st Century” series. United Nations, New York

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United Nations 21st Century

Detecting nuclear tests is the task of the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty Organization. The last link in a worldwide monitoring system has just been installed on a remote island. Hoda was blinded by a stray bullet while sitting in class at a UN-run school in Gaza. Filmed over fourteen years, this is the story of a Palestinian girl’s struggle to build a new life.

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United Nations 21st Century