Stories are powerful. They teach us lessons and shape our values. Stories that combine images and sound are especially effective in influencing how we think and act. Think back to Martin Luther King Jr.'s speech on the mall. Freedom-seekers toppling the Berlin Wall. Or Nelson Mandela emerging from prison to end South Africa's era of apartheid. These stories inspired people around the world to think, to start conversations, to take action. is harnessing the power of storytelling to change the world. This site combines the best global development video stories and groundbreaking new technology to enable individuals and organizations to stimulate change. Explore the Viewchange project more deeply at

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Crossing The Gender Gap

More often than not, the lives of women tend to be hidden behind tradition, poverty, and isolation. Compared with men, the stories of women just aren't told. But the documentaries featured in this ViewChange collection put women in front of the lens and behind it. Through photography, film, and animation, these films show us what it means to be a woman in the poorest countries in the world. Take a look across the global gender gap, and see the Grand Prize winner of ViewChange Film Contest.

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The Mothers Index

Stories are powerful. They teach us lessons and shape our values. A good story can inspire people everywhere to think, to start conversations, and to take action. These films, from Link TV's, bring the timeless power of storytelling to a modern and critical mission: fighting poverty, hunger, and disease around the world. is a ground-breaking multimedia website that's built to connect you to the world of global development. And now, we're bringing ViewChange and its stories to life on your television.

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