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The Island Revolution


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The Trek

In 2015, more than 500,000 refugees arrived on the Greek island of Lesbos in Europe's biggest immigration crisis since World War II. For many of them, their final destination is Germany.

Despite the risks, Abdulrahman Osman and his wife, Kraiz, decided that they should attempt the dangerous journey together with their four children - joining the masses of refugees entering Europe.

The Island Revolution

Dreamer Mums

Yolanda Varona was deported from the USA to Mexico and seperated from her children. In Tijuana, she founded the support group Dreamer Moms to help other deported mothers. This is the story of her fight to reunite with her family.

Children of the FARC

Two FARC fighters prepare to give birth in a new Colombia that’s still rife with danger and uncertainty

Migrant Dreams

Each year, tens of thousands of migrant workers travel to Singapore hoping for a better life. When the economy was booming, those promises were largely fulfilled. But as a global recession takes hold, horror stories are emerging.