Still from "The Reluctant Vigilante" episode of "Reveal"
S1 E8: The Trek

The Trek

In 2015, more than 500,000 refugees arrived on the Greek island of Lesbos in Europe's biggest immigration crisis since World War II. For many of them, their final destination is Germany.

Despite the risks, Abdulrahman Osman and his wife, Kraiz, decided that they should attempt the dangerous journey together with their four children - joining the masses of refugees entering Europe.

We meet them at the end of their sea crossing from Turkey to Greece. They wash up on the beach, exhausted and slightly disoriented. But anything is better than remaining in Syria, they say. Crossing Europe on foot, in buses and on trains, their journey takes 10 days of almost non-stop moving. Finally, they arrive in Germany. It is here they face an equally daunting challenge, starting from scratch in an unfamiliar country.

This is the end of the beginning for refugees arriving in Western Europe, exiting the camps and establishing a new home, building security for their future, schools for the children and eventually new work - all in a language they don't speak and in a society that may not always be that welcoming.

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