Women In Focus

El Comedor - HELP Women

The HELP Women project supports and empowers women in Huanchaco, Peru. To establish this program, NGO Otra Cosa Network partnered up with Comedor, an existing  community organization of women who cook free meals and offer a safe space for mothers and their children. 

The vast majority of participants come from low income backgrounds and very few of them have jobs outside of the household. To give the women a better chance of succeeding, HELP Women teaches courses in basic business and marketing, as well as workshops in personal and professional development. Many women in Peru are often unaware of their rights, live with domestic violence and many girls become pregnant at a very young age. This is why the program prioritizes education and support for their basic rights, family planning and sex education.

This video about the HELP Women Project in Huanchaco, Peru was edited by Marta Franco.

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