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Everything We Need: Zumbara Offers Alternative to Capitalism

"Ihtiyacınız Olan Her Şey" (Everything We Need) introduces the vision of Zumbara through the experience of Burcu Ünal - a regression therapist, student, and mother living in Istanbul. She participates in a community primarily consisting of women who share their gifts with each other in a one-to-one exchange system.

Zumbara is an alternative economic system that allows people to earn an hour of service in exchange for an hour of their service. It's a time-banking community that facilitates thousands of exchanges between people in Istanbul and in other cities in Turkey. It promotes that "another world is possible," in which people are less preoccupied with money. Followers embrace values that have become crucial in an increasingly urbanized world, including trust, community, gratitude, and integrity.

For more information visit zumbara.com.

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