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Farmers Teaching Farmers About Women Empowerment and Organic Practices

"What I corrected was... to love myself. To value myself," says Rosena Yolanda Ventura. "I cried for a long time with so much sadness. Now I smile at life and above all, I work."

"Campesino a Campesino" tells the story of a single mother who has overcome loss and poverty with an education that emphasizes organic farming and empowerment of women.

Based in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala, the Unión de Agricultores Minifundistas de Guatemala is dedicated to improving the quality of life of farmers by creating opportunities for economic development, increasing access to education, and improving leadership skills. The organization teaches new farming techniques and organic practices using a farmer-to-farmer, or campesino a campesino method. 

"Organic farming has helped us a lot — we eat our food with more trust," says one participant. 

Reaching far beyond practical skills, Ventura says the UAM has taught her how to respect herself as a woman and it helped her heal after her son's tragic death. Programs teach students how to shut down the machismo that oftentimes leads to violence in this community.

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