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Forest Preservation in Argentina

During a school field trip, Clara Duarte and Emilce Espinoza noticed their local forests in rural Argentina were being destroyed. After conducting a community survey, the students found the population of Crown of Thorns trees was dwindling because people were using the trees for firewood.

"Without realizing it, they were making the tree go extinct," Espinoza said. 

Duarte and Espinoza devised a campaign to inform the community of the many benefits of this species, concluding with a follow-up survey to gauge the community's awareness of the tree's properties. The second survey showed people were using the trees for much more than firewood, including cosmetics, pharmaceutical purposes and cattle feed when pastures are dry. Their efforts raised awareness about the importance of preserving this species and led to the establishment of a nature preserve behind their school.

While 80 percent of the Earth's natural forests have already been cut down, Duarte and Espinoza are working to reverse the trend. 

Courtesy of 100 People Foundation.

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