Women In Focus

Our Daughters for Sale

In Thailand, parents begin paying for their children's schooling after age 12. This age is a critical period for "at-risk" children, especially young girls living in poverty. When a family's average income is 10,000 baht and a girl's virginity is worth 40,000 baht ($1,200 U.S. dollars), many of these parents make desperate decisions and sell their girls into human slavery or sex work.

This short documentary tells the story of the Children´s Organization of Southeast Asia (COSA), an NGO that was founded by a former documentary photographer. COSA promoted prevention through education and negotiated with communities to establish trust, using an upstream approach to prevent sex trafficking. The organization also offered schooling for at-risk girls and educated communities about sex trafficking, in addition to providing Thai families with employment opportunities that deterred them from exchanging their children for money.

Film courtesy of Actuality Media.

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