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Women In Focus

Red Light - Women For Sale

One of the oldest professions known to man has gone through a horrifying upgrade in the 21st century. With the prevalence of the Internet, prostitution has been closely interwoven with human trafficking. The illegal trade of people with the purpose of sexually exploiting them, is today’s form of slavery.

Women's trafficking in Greece is a very lucrative business for criminal networks that encourage mostly immigrant women to enter a country, only to hold them hostage. The rules of the game are harsh, with women finding themselves pushed to prostitution or the sex industry by traffickers through false promises, physical abuse, or different forms of blackmail.

With Greece being at the crossroads between continents, immigrant women are trafficked here from parts of the world as different as Africa, Asia, or Eastern Europe. Helplessly, the girls get stuck in Athens or in some of the rural towns with little hope of getting out.

While there are a number of organizations dealing with the problem, either by supporting the physically and psychologically traumatized girls or by persecuting their abusers, there is little doubt about the fact that the actual clients of the industry bear a significant amount of responsibility. It is perhaps the realization that the exploitation of women in a vulnerable position is in fact closer to all of us than we dare think.

Courtesy of Nikos Katsaounis and theprism.tv

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