Women In Focus


Tong Saruen and her family in the Ta Trav village in Cambodia were first identified for aid by the Trailblazer Foundation in 2012. In this film, Tong reflects back on her life under the Khmer Rouge regime. "When I think about my experience with Khmer Rouge, it's hard not to cry," she says.  

One night when Saruen was sleeping with her newborn baby in her hut, a rocket shot into her house, killing her baby and amputating her leg. Although Saruen finds it hard to move past these painful memories, she says, "I am just so happy today."

With time, Tong has been able to radically improve her farm, grow plants and fruits, and cultivate livestock. The program has helped her implement an irrigation system and has provided her family with clean water. Without clean water, Tong's family was constantly battling diarrhea, oftentimes limiting their ability to attend school or maintain a successful farm.

In this film, Saruen looks back on a horrific experience and hopes that all villages in Cambodia will one day have access to clean water and education.

Visit the Trailblazer Foundation for more information.

Courtesy of Actuality Media

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