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As we let our light shine, we unconsciously give others permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others. — Marianne Williamson

In this day and age, many women struggle with body image and how they view each other. The internet has exploded with body positive models, bloggers and plus size models, actresses and others promoting that their size and how they present themselves shouldn't matter. 
However others make it their mission to cut others down and often write negative comments about them through cyber-bullying and harassment. "Body shaming" is a common occurrence with comments made to women about their size, body parts or other physicalities. Recent studies have shown that 95-97 percent of teenage girls say they have been body shamed at some point in their lives. What are some ways to modify these perceptions and be more accepting to all people regardless of their size? 

In this short film, 10 young women were invited to come together, shed their layers, and return to nature. By removing comparisons, competition, and conditioning, they were given a space to look inward. What remains? Embraced individuality. What can be seen? The potential to overcome obstacles of negative self image with the support of other women. Stepping into our own light is giving ourselves the power we know we deserve, and it inspires others to do the same. This film is from filmmakers Holli and Sara who traveled across America in a school bus interviewing women from many different walks of life about their stories of empowerment and resilience. The feature length film will be coming out in the next few months.

Learn more about The Goddess Project and view photos from the interviews here.


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