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Sophea's Dream

"Sophea's Dream" is a snapshot of the life of one Cambodian girl, determined to overcome the obstacles facing her and build a better future. During the Khmer Rouge regime, 2 million Cambodians died. Half of them died from starvation or poor nutrition and the other half were executed. Since this catostrophic event in history, Cambodia has had a difficult time overcoming different obstacles plaguing the country despite being a very beautiful country rich with culture and history. One important issue is that due to a poor economy and lack of education, many young girls and women are driven into sex trafficking.

This film tells the story of Sophea, who loves her country but wants to travel and also get an education. Sophea currently wakes up at 4:30am everyday to sell cakes to factory workers as they are leaving their shift. Sophea's mother, who also barely attended school and does not know how to read, hopes her daughter's future will be brighter and have different opportunities. Sophea attends English classes and health education courses at AusCam Freedom Project, and is enjoying learning more and interacting with the community.

This short documentary was produced for AusCam Freedom Project, a charity empowering girls through education in Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia. Through their education scholarships, care home and community centre, AusCam seeks to enhance the life opportunities of young Cambodian women and help curb the ingrained problems of exploitation and trafficking in Cambodia.

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