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This Is What A Feminist Sounds Like: A True Mentor Never Quits

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In this episode, we follow Pat as she works with women and men in a recovery group from drugs and alcohol. Pat goes to the group every week to be an advocate for those fighting addiction and has formed many relationships there. Despite her upbringing in the catholic church, Pat does not believe that addiction is cured by abstinence alone but rather through work to stay clean and interacting with ones community for change. "We talk more about health than we do about addiction," she says.

Pat introduces her mentee, Christine, who has leaned on Pat for many years throughout her struggles with addiction. We also meet Sheila, a city of Windsor City Councilmember and member of the Feminist Group in Windsor, Ontario who had been a part of the movement since the early days. Sheila looks back on the years that she has known Pat during the Women's Liberation movement and discusses the challenges of being a woman in politics.


Courtesy of filmmaker Kim Nelson and co-director Audra Macintyre.


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