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This Is What A Feminist Sounds Like: Slurred Speech Doesn't Stop Me

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​​The first film in this series—part of a feature-length film premiering on Women in Focus—chronicles the incredible life of Canadian activist Pat Noonan.

Noonan has lived several lives it seems. She became a nun in her teens as a result of a tough family life. She transitioned out of the church in her early 40s and began to tirelessly campaign for the rights of others in Windsor, Ontario, a suburban Canadian community located across from Detroit. Noonan has never backed away from a fight or debate, and has never allowed others to tell her what to do with her life.

This first film clip introduces her and some of the situations she has encountered throughout her colorful lifetime. "The movement for social justice is spreading and it's getting very strong," she says. She discusses aging and the mysterious illness that has slurred her speech. Though Pat has found this recent setback difficult, she won't let it stop her from raising her voice for issues important to her such as, protesting wars, helping others who are recovering drug addicts, righting a woman wronged by murder, and women's rights in the workplace and at home, among others.


Courtesy of filmmaker Kim Nelson and co-director Audra Macintyre.


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