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This Is What A Feminist Sounds Like: The Shocking Death of Lori Dupont

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In this segment of "This Is What A Feminist Sounds Like," feminist activist and community organizer Pat Noonan discusses the shocking death of local nurse Lori Dupont. She was killed by a doctor who she was once in a relationship with and who worked with her in the same operating room. Lori had complained to the hospital that the doctor was harassing her and she felt uncomfortable, but the hospital did not take any kind of action.

Pat decided to get involved with the Canadian government to have an inquest conducted as another woman who lived locally had also been murdered at her job without much investigation or recourse. Pat joined with other women in the community to get the Canadian government to mobilize to create tougher sexual harrasment laws to prevent violence against women. "It was a loving group because we were so passionate about women," Pat says. The committee's hard work, which also included Lori's mother, resulted in triumph when Ontario law passed legislature to prevent workplace violence and harassment which requires companies to take action when an employee is either threatened or an abuser.


Courtesy of filmmaker Kim Nelson and co-director Audra Macintyre.


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